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Fuel Talent

Brand Strategy | Visual Storytelling | Web Design

Creating a brand for talent hunters can be an exacting job: they know what they're looking for and will dig deep until they've found it.


Fuel Talent needed to differentiate them from the run of the mill head-hunters. Shauna Swerland and her team make a point to know their candidates wants and desires as much as their clients, making every match a personal connection. 

Their brand package was simple, modern and super cool. Each piece built on the next in the Fuel Talent teams' order of operations–business cards, follow up cards, letters of recommendation, swag. Every step of their connecting process was met with a piece of equally thoughtful Fuel Talent branding.


The website had to communicate the breadth of their coverage but be compact enough to quickly get applicants into the system. A custom CMS system integrated with talent-pool software seamlessly incorporated.

Finer things

A subtle pattern backed thank you cards and stationery and added elegant, understated attention to detail – not unlike Fuel Talent's own approach to business.

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