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A&R Solar

Brand Strategy | Visual Storytelling | Illustration

Being in the solar installation industry in the Pacific Northwest is a feat in itself – not many associate the region with solar abundance.

But A&R Solar has changed public  thinking. Active lobbying, achieving B-Corp certification and launching a thorough, well-branded campaign to educate the area on the numerous benefits and unbelievable feasibility of solar have rocketed them to the forefront of solar in the area and set them up as leaders in the industry.

We stepped in while A&R was reestablishing their identity digitally and created a unified visual package that captured their modern but super-accessible personality. Combining streamlined illustrations with bold, graphic photography, information ranging from environmental tid-bits to nitty gritty equipment specs are quickly and easily communicated.

With solar this accessible in the Pacific northwest, it truly is for everyone! 

Show the story

A collection of simple line based icons visually reinforce the A&R message: solar is easy and is for everyone.

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